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Multiplayer host quit issue

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    Multiplayer host quit issue

    Hi everyone,

    I have a doubt about server and client. Its not about replication. You know when someone hosts a game (open mapname?listen=true) and a client joins and when the guy who hosts quit the game all clients are forced to return to main menu.

    Is there anyway to disable this thing. Because without disabling it its pretty much useless to release a multiplayer game. Even if the guy who hosts it quits, all other player should be able to play the map. I was thinking about something like this:

    1: Guy who hosts the game calls the BackToMainMenu() function
    2: It should then check if there are any players
    3: If a player is found then change him to server or admin or whatever and quit
    4: If the new admin/server quits it should again repeat step 2-3
    5: If there are no players then call a custom function and return to main menu.

    So is there anyway to disable the auto quitting of clients? I dont think step 2-3 is possible but atleast any way to disable quitting of clients?