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Pickup items - What do you suggest is the BEST course of action?

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    Pickup items - What do you suggest is the BEST course of action?

    Hey, UScript dudes

    Here's my problem:
    Currently using KActorSpawnable for my games pickup items. The thing is, they sometimes fall through the floor when dropped OR they just plain act funky when thrown. KActor seems to be very problematic ( unless I myself, just am not using them correctly? )

    I am making a third-person game, so the visibility of the items are important.
    Should I be using KActor to go down this route? Or should I go with the DroppedPickup classes? Does anyone know how GearsOfWar / Other 3rdP Unreal games handle this?

    + Does NOT fall through floor
    + Gets added to the navigation network
    + Added velocity looks visually nice and accurate
    - Does not collide with the environment as complexly as KActor does. Visual collision is pretty simple.

    + Visual collision with environment is nice ( works well for weapon-pickups and other similar objects )
    - Adding velocity to object is tricky to look visually right.
    - Does not get added to the navigation network
    - MAY fall through floor

    All-in-all, I only like KActor because it collides well with the environment, which looks nice in a 3rd Person game.
    Does anyone know how to get the best of both worlds here?


    You could use a KActor until an item hits the ground and settles, then switch it out for a dropped pickup.
    Depends on whether or not you need it to replicate I guess.