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Translating collision component through script

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    Translating collision component through script

    Hi guys,

    So I'm still working on a game that involves melee attacks and when I attack I want my player to move with my attacks.

    Right now I found the best way to make it look good is to set my player position to the final location of the hip bone during its animation.

    only problem is while I'm attacking the collision component stays still and does move with the players animation so even though the attack work and look good, the player can now "walk through walls" while attacking as well as if he were to get hit his collision component wouldn't be in the right location to receive the hit.

    Well I managed to translate the collision component but there's he still goes through the wall, its giving me a warning about how the collision component has a non-zero translated and how that is not supported.

    Does anyone know a way around this?

    I really appreciate any help I get ^.^

    I'm not really sure what your attack animation looks like but if it's really involved, like the player takes a few steps or jumps, you should take a look at root motion. With root motion the animation will take over the velocity and movement of the pawn.

    I don't think that translating the collision component is a good idea, I believe I tried that once and the engine spewed some massive warning.

    I would really need to know more about what the animation is and what you're trying to accomplish with this melee move.


      I'm working on an action game similar to KH or DMC.

      So far I have up to a 5 move combo attack.

      yeah I just read up on root motion, I guess you can say I'm already implementing my own version off it but it still glitchy and floating point precision causes jumpiness.
      I'm just hoping to make my attack system as precise as possible >.<

      I just found this link though:

      So yeah thank you for the help ^.^ I'm going to eventually post videos of my teams work once we feel the game is ready for exposition and beta testing.
      I really appreciate the help dude


        Originally posted by NoxRequiem View Post
        ... and floating point precision causes jumpiness.
        I doubt that's anything to do with float precision, unless you're talking about quantisation over the network or something. I'd try looking at that jumpiness issue from a fresh perspective.


          holy cow dude, it works like charm. <333

          make sure to remind me to add you to the credits ^.^


            oh about the floating point thing I wasn't very clear on what was causing it but there is some floating point error that I introduced dealing with exact translations when making animations.


              I'm glad that it worked for you. I'd love to see the final product.