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spawn custom item, from destruction event

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    spawn custom item, from destruction event

    (I posted this under an inadequate subject line. I tried to edit subject or delete the old one, but couldnt. Mods, please feel free to delete the old one)

    I'm trying to learn how to spawn a custom item I made, from the destruction of another item, using kismet.

    Example: Player destroys crate. create disappears, leaving new item behind that the player has to manually go pick up.

    Surprisingly, I'm not finding any google hits on this sort of thing.

    Kismet has a handy-dandy Destroyed event handler, ok.
    I think I need to connect it to an ActorFactory?
    But I'm having difficulty telling it to make the specific new object of mine.

    All the tutorials talk about spawning either a bot, or a weapon. Yes, I can do that just fine,but that's not what I need to do!