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My Canvas HUD code to Draw a Variable Thick 3D Line

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    My Canvas HUD code to Draw a Variable Thick 3D Line

    Dear Community,

    I am not aware of any Canvas/HUD class code to draw a THICK 3D line

    You can draw 2D lines that have thickness and even map them to 3D space, but I did not find that desirable or visually appealing

    so I wrote my own THICK 3D Line code!

    I hope you can make use of this code!

    Let me know if you like it!

    function drawThicker(vector v1, vector v2, color c, int PosFromCenter) {
    	local vector start;
    	local vector end;
    	//so we can modify
    	start = v1;
    	end = v2;
    	start.x += PosFromCenter;
    	end.x += PosFromCenter;
    	draw3DLine(start, end, c);
    	start.y += PosFromCenter;
    	end.y += PosFromCenter;
    	draw3DLine(start, end, c);
    	start.z += PosFromCenter;
    	end.z += PosFromCenter;
    	draw3DLine(start, end, c);
            //since we modified with +=
            //must *2 to get to other side of
    	start.x -= PosFromCenter*2;
    	end.x -= PosFromCenter*2;
    	draw3DLine(start, end, c);
    	start.y -= PosFromCenter*2;
    	end.y -= PosFromCenter*2;
    	draw3DLine(start, end, c);
    	start.z -= PosFromCenter*2;
    	end.z -= PosFromCenter*2;
    	draw3DLine(start, end, c);
    function drawThickLine(vector v1, vector v2, color c, int thickness) {
    	local int thickIncrement;
    	//center of line
    	draw3DLine(v1, v2, c);
    	//draw surrounding layers of thickness from center
    	for (thickIncrement = 1; thickIncrement <= thickness; thickIncrement++ ) {
    		drawThicker(v1, v2, c, thickIncrement);
    You call the function like this

    //inside your custom HUD class
    //need a color struct
    local color c;
    //set color
    c.R = 255; c.G = 0; c.B = 0; c.A = 255;
    drawThickLine(someActor.Location, anotherActor.Location, c, 6);

    Let me know if this helps you!


    PS: Spoof is awesome.

    He has helped me on numerous occasions

    I now have my own udk game up and running, where you can build a world within my own in-game 3D editor! And you can save/load levels from hard disk, even after turning computer off! all this without ever opening the UDK. More than 150,000 lines of Unreal Script code involved

    That's awesome dude!Just like the watch dogs effect

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