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Fire kismet action set from actors Properties window

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    Fire kismet action set from actors Properties window

    Is it possible to assign a kismet event/action inside an actors properties window ?

    for example :
    if i want to have an actor, that when i possess (and click Fire) it calls a level specific action

    There may actually be other methods of doing this, but I find that Actor.TriggerEventClass, Actor.TriggerGlobalEventClass, and Actor.ActivateEventClass are pretty useful, just add in a call to the appropriate thing in the script event, to add a call to a kismet action.


      i will have a look into this, just found this too :

      im not sure if it will quite work how i want, but i shall look into it, cheers Blade (Y)

      i think i get it though, i have my event call func inside (say) StartFire(), so when possessing i click fire, it then calls the event
      and i setup the event kismet by having the actor selected in the viewport, then like a trigger event, i right click in kismet and add an event which is then unique to that actor =)