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Randomizing a target, while making it feel natural.

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  • Randomizing a target, while making it feel natural.

    So I have a vector holding my AI's direct target.
    However, I wish to make it slightly random.

    I was thinking of adding continously a random offset to the aim at location, then interpolating it.

    However, I don't think that would feel natural.

    Any suggestions?

    Edit: I'm thinking I could also add a delay and interpolate that in as well. But then I'd also like an overshoot for when the target stops moving, but I have no idea how to handle that.

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    You can add some Spread to fire trace and targeting prediction...


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      I'm not using the existing weapon systems.
      It will have to be handled manually, that's why I'm thinking of doing a randomized vector for what you call "spread".
      And as I said I also would like the bots to overshoot when the target stops (due to Firing prediction), but I have noe idea how that could be handled.


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        I'd appreciate any ideas and suggestions!


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          Originally posted by Graylord View Post
          I'm not using the existing weapon systems.
          So, where is the thing again that prevents you from using code of the existing system?

          Our enemies don't use actual Weapons either. Doesn't stop us from using the functionality to add spread to the calculated firing direction, though.


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            You mean other than spread being defined in the Weapon class? I am not using any of the existing stuff, at all.

            I'll see if I can figure out how it works though!

            Edit: Spread is not what I am looking for, it's just a randomizer, which I already got covered (As I said, I was already thinking of doing some rands and interpolating them in). But just randomizing the target isn't enough, as it will look weird with how my weapons behave.
            Some of my weapons are beams, so it will be very obvious the aim is moving from point to point.