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(Almost) custom weapon system

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  • (Almost) custom weapon system

    Hi there
    This is my first post, 'cause before ask I try to search the answer on my own. I'm "n00b" and started learning a few weeks ago.
    I'm starting some sort of 'game', to learn unrealscript... nothing planned, just what comes out my mind. I have a custom inventory system, based on sapitu and totally apart from UDK Inventory. I want to do the same for the weapon system...
    What I don't understand, even after reading the UTWeap* and looking over the internets is, what a weapon system needs to work?

    - tell the pawn what animations to do (pawn and weapon)
    - attach it to pawn (tps in my case)
    - what to do if press "fire!" (melee atm, projectiles not needed)

    Amirite? do i miss something or i'm totally wrong? Any web/leads to make me an idea of what to do?

    P.D. sorry for the english, isn't my first lang

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    This should answer most of your questions. Especially take a look at the diagram to see the flow of the script:


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      Thanks willyg302, that's more or less what I was looking for!
      It's me failing on internet or the UDN site is a mess?


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        I guess it depends on how much you want to deviate from UTWeapon or how much you want to make use of the already existing system.
        I myself added my own inventory system using Sapitu as well, except I tried to make it work as closely as possible with UTInventory, which also allowed me to integrate it without too much pain into weapons as well (Weapons in my game work just like any other inventory item).

        UTWeapon has the advantage that it already replicates properly which means it works in multiplayer right out of the box (which for example, doesn't happen with Sapitu)


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          Haha it's pretty hard to find UDN stuff unless you know exactly what you're looking for My advice would be to skim every single page in there, whether you think you'll need it or not. It really helped me!


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            Use FLCT (Script Wizard) and you can find some options which you want.