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UDK and SimplePawn, groundspeed has no effect?

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    You might try setting groundspeed for each parent pawn class using the console; it almost sounds like your pawn class isn't being used(but that would be silly).

    Unfortunately this is such an odd issue that I really don't know what could be going on. Could always try porting your code to another build of UDK; that solved an issue I had where exec functions weren't being compiled.



      Ok I had the same issue with SimplePawn variables but after a few hours of poking around I've fixed it!! (Graylord may have resolved his issue months ago but this could help others I hope).

      Ok so what you do is open up SimplePawn.uc and you need to change 2 things - GroundSpeed (under the list of other variables) and also the line which says "GroundSpeed = CastlePawnSpeed". I changed it to "GroundSpeed = 150" but I'm guessing you could just delete it.


        Originally posted by FireclawStudios View Post

        but this could help others I hope.
        Of course it can
        I noticed that weeks ago while I was trying to help someone out, but instead of changing the line I just recreated TickSpecial on the new class without calling it's super function, that avoids changing on SimplePawn itself.


          I'm a few months late to this party, but I had the same problem.

          It seems the culprit is actually GameInfo.SetDefaults() for me.
          It gets called AFTER the pawn's PostBeginPlay(). This is why your settings in the Pawn's default properties get overwritten.

          /* SetPlayerDefaults()
           first make sure pawn properties are back to default, then give mutators an opportunity
           to modify them
          function SetPlayerDefaults(Pawn PlayerPawn)
          	PlayerPawn.AirControl = PlayerPawn.Default.AirControl;
          	PlayerPawn.GroundSpeed = PlayerPawn.Default.GroundSpeed;
          	PlayerPawn.WaterSpeed = PlayerPawn.Default.WaterSpeed;
          	PlayerPawn.AirSpeed = PlayerPawn.Default.AirSpeed;
          	PlayerPawn.Acceleration = PlayerPawn.Default.Acceleration;
          	PlayerPawn.AccelRate = PlayerPawn.Default.AccelRate;
          	PlayerPawn.JumpZ = PlayerPawn.Default.JumpZ;
          	if ( BaseMutator != None )