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Dynamic destroyable barricades

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  • Dynamic destroyable barricades

    Hello. I'm looking for a way to make dynamic barricades. What I mean by that is:

    Think of a piece of wood plank

    It can be found on the world (has physics by itself)
    Can be picked up and placed on a doorway (gets frozen in a place that is either pre-set or dependent on player)
    Stays on that place until it gets destroyed (fractures)
    Pieces fall to the ground (no collision at this point) and fades away

    I'm thinking about creating an barricade actor and representing the above characteristics with relevant states. Barricade state, Destroyed state, laying around the world state etc. That would be the logical thing to do I think, however, I'm not really sure if this approach is as simplistic as it can get. Is it a good idea to fiddle with the physics and collision volumes in different states? Is it possible at all to have different physics characteristics inside 1 actor.

    I assume changing meshes or materials wouldn't be too difficult (I haven't done it yet but I've seen lots of questions about the on forums so I can probably figure that out), but I'm not really sure about other stuff.

    What would be the most simplistic way to do this kind of thing, is 1 actor (and creating archetypes of that for various meshes with different collision characteristics) is the way to go?

    Any thoughts on this is appreciated

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      Well, regarding the explosion part - I do that by spawning an exploding fracturedMesh at the same location and then destroying the original object - works pretty well.


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        Sounds like you want to make an APEX destructible. They're not hard to make and when you download the Nvidia APEX program for creating the stuff, the same Nvidia site you get it from has a one page tutorial that pretty much covers everything you need to know about how to make it.

        Watch the little video there and you're all set.


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          what i think that could work too is that you could create an PHYS asset for your barricade, of course set a few bones / parts where it will break so once your barricade should break you can set the phys asset bones status to "UnFixed" and add a small impulse and see how it goes