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    UDK IDE [Updated]

    UDK IDE Alpha 1.0
    by Magic Stone Studios

    Original Thread:

    Version: Alpha 1.0
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    I'm releasing this early due to time constraints with our project R.A.T.S. as I've spent an entire month on this IDE and now I'd like to use it for the project. During that time I will definitely be noting down additional features that the IDE should have to ease time consumption from programmers. I will be listing the current features and the planned features; which are basically features that weren't finished in time for this initial release.

    Please report any bugs you find in this thread. I also welcome feature suggestions. Anyone who has experience using the debugger provided by nFringe I would appreciate it if you would contact me via PM because I'm guessing I'm missing needed features. I don't have much experience with the debugger but this IDE at least provides the basics.

    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Bracket Highlighting
    • Code Collapsing
    • Tabs/Tab Listing
    • Cloning
    • Auto Indent
    • Auto Bracket
    • Line Numbers
    • Panel Orientation
    • Block Commenting/Uncommenting
    • Compiling
    • Compile Error/Warning Line Highlighting
    • Color Configuration
    • Directory Tree View
    • Match Marking
    • Search, Search & Replace
    • Debugging
    • Add/Remove Breakpoints
    • Debug Data Tree

    ...should be more and I'm trying not to list normal editor features.

    • Intellisense/Auto Complete
    • Cooking
    • Packaging
    • Function Tree
    • Search in Files/Opened Documents
    • SVN Management
    • Backup

    The launching options are weak at the moment. This will be given a full overhaul as what is provided right now is something simple for alpha release. It is not at all what is planned for the IDE. I also didn't have enough time to finish the function tree, which also aids the intellisense/auto complete, but it's the first in my "todo" list. I wanted to release with the above planned features but I just ran out of time for this month.

    Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+K - Block Comment
    • Ctrl+Shift+K - Block Uncomment
    • Ctrl+; - Toggle Auto Bracket
    • Ctrl+Left - Previous Error
    • Ctrl+Right - Next Error
    • Ctrl+M - Move
    • Ctrl+D - Clone
    • Ctrl+F - Find
    • Ctrl+N - New
    • Ctrl+O - Open

    I actually have to explain this one. While auto bracket is enabled this is a shortcut for a special action. Examine the following:

    if(bIsTest|) // <-- ")" is created by auto bracket and the "|" character demonstrates the caret.. Ctrl+L here makes:
    // so, it's like a shortcut, and there is no restriction; you can do that for IF, FOR, FUNCTION, it just makes the characters for you

    • Use the "Find" in the "Directories" tree to quickly find files instead of always browsing the tree.
    • Highlight words and found matches will highlight.
    • Highlight words and Ctrl+F to start searching for matches, or click the "Search" or "Search and Replace" icons in the toolbar.
    • Full Compile automatically turns off after compiling/debug compiling.
    • Files are saved automatically before compiling/debug compiling (only files that have been saved before).
    • Drag the splitter handles to move the panel. For example, grab the Directories Tree panel and drag to the top to move the window to the top. This can be done for all panels.
    • Click a splitter handle to toggle them.

    Debugging is provided. You can add/remove breakpoints in two ways:
    • Editor Context Menu: Right click at the line and select add or remove breakpoint.
    • Click the Margin: This will toggle a breakpoint for that line. This can be seen in the preview screen-shots, on the left margin next to the line numbers is a red circle, and that is a breakpoint. Click it again to remove. This will automatically update while currently running debug as well.

    You must use the debug compiling options before attempting to debug. This will compile your scripts in debug mode. If you've made no changes to your scripts, were originally in release mode, compiling in debug mode will not work properly. Either just make a quick change to a script and hit debug compile again, or click Compile or Debug and then Full Compile and then compile in debug mode. After compiling it will automatically remove you from full compile mode.

    I believe that is all I can think of to list. I will update this post when new information and/or updates are available. I hope everyone will enjoy this IDE and find it useful. Time for me to now actually use it for Unreal Script and on our project. I will be releasing updates either every two weeks and/or every month, especially since I can now actually start using it as normal coding practice. This will let me take note of anything that needs to be added.

    Special Thanks:
    Jonathan "TheAgent" Vazquez - Help with icons and pre-alpha testing
    David Camp - Socket/Pipe help during my times of failure


    Donate: Donate

    Great work man!!!....Congrats

    EDIT: If you dont mind, can you tell me which language you used to code this?


      Thanks for the mention Paul!

      Can't wait for the new updates, keep em coming.


        thanks, i will take a look at it !!!!


          Just tested this out and I have to say it's working pretty well. I could not however figure out how to get the breakpoints working, as I placed a few and ran both the game and the editor and neither time did it stop at this breakpoint (and yes, it had to go through the breakpoint because I placed it in my pawn function that always gets executed). Also another thing to check out is sometimes if you do not compile with the editor, but tell UDK to compile your scripts when they are outdated, then window won't show up and you have to manually go into your task manager and processes to end the task. I'm sure with an IDE that has compiling capabilities you would expect the user to use the compile feature on there instead of UDK, but it is something you may want to look into.

          Last thing, I didn't see a donate button on the UI. May want to add that in because I'm sure people would love to contribute in some way. I know you were looking for backers for this, but people who may use this tool professionally for free may want to pitch for the nice tools :-)


            Thanks man
            Technically multiple languages, but C++

            Thanks for pointing that out. You're correct, I planned around everyone compiling using the toolbar or file menu, instead of letting UDK give the outdated script warning, so I will check that out now. I may actually start tracking when you've last compiled compared to when you've last edited to see if you need to compile instead of letting UDK do that. Anyways, all noted.

            The debugger should work. If you can do me a favor, check your UDK directory. Look in "Binaries/Win32" and make sure "UDKDebugger.dll" is there. Also check your "UDKGame/Config" and make sure "Debugger.ini" is there. The application copies these files and places them in the correct locations whenever you edit the UDK path location in the settings. In the near future this section will change and provide more functionality. So, if it didn't copy these files properly, you can do so manually as the files are within the "/bin" folder of the editor.

            If it is indeed there, make sure you compile in debug mode, and I've noticed that UDK won't compile in debug mode properly if there are no changes. In which case, click Compile or Debug -> Full Compile, and then compile in debug mode. See if your breakpoints work then. I've tested so many times that I'm tired of looking at breakpoints or even reading the word "breakpoints" so it should definitely work, lol.

            I'm not very comfortable about placing a donation button on the editor, but I'll think about adding an "About" section. I'll think about it, lol. Thanks for the suggestion. For now I guess I'll add a donation link in the original post.

            Let me know how the debugging goes.


              This is looking superb. Fantastic job, well done!

              After a quick try I'm finding issues that affect my usual workflow:
              • The "Full Compile" switch toggles automatically after each compile. It won't stay off.
              • Currently I test different projects with dedicated toolbar buttons, each one bound to the executable with it's own command-line (e.g. "MapName?game=Package.GameName -log -remotecontrol -nostartupmovies")
                1. Settings::UDK::Map doesn't seem to accept the full commandline. It feels like it's being overridden with "map -log"
                2. Are there any plans to have user-defined toolbar buttons similar to Visual Studio's external tools?
              Also some cosmetic things:
              • Output window doesn't scroll during compilation
              • Option to have close button on tabs
              • Pin/Unpin (auto hide) for output pane


                Thanks, Spoof.

                1) Oops. Sorry about that. It's what I get for adding things at the last minute. I will fix this now and upload. I accidentally made it toggle instead of turn off, lol.

                2) The overall network/launching portion is a bit weak right now, at least it's not up to par as I wanted it to work, but that will be changing in the next major update. For now they should work as-is and apparently they don't as you've found. Sorry about that.

                a) I will check this out now. I didn't have a lot of time left to test all the network buttons which I should have done. Thanks for spotting this and I'll fix it now.
                b) I will see about providing this and I've thought about it as well. I just didn't know how I should go about it because almost everything is in the toolbar and attempts have been made to not clutter. Ideas are definitely welcome.

                3) Cosmetic suggestions are welcome.

                a) I didn't like that the compile output didn't scroll either but then I learned that I could ignore it, since the editor parses the log and gives you the entire list of warnings/errors anyways. However, I will fix this.
                b) Didn't even think about that, I'll get this added for the next major update. I didn't realize it because I'm so use to using the context menu to close, even in Notepad++.
                c) Will do. I should probably do this for all panes.

                Yeah, I missed some of the options for the networking, going to fix these up and upload.


                  I know what you mean about clutter, and I was also going to suggest an option to customise/remove toolbar buttons. I've refined my workspace to just three (open, save all, compile) and one to run each project. Haven't used a debugger for years but I'll give yours a try next week.


                    • Compile output auto scrolling has been added.
                    • Full Compile has been fixed to not toggle after compiling.
                    • Network launching should now include the rest of the options that were accidentally missing.

                    Again, the launching options, for both game and network, are fairly weak right now. There isn't much to work with in terms of setting options but this will be added soon. Included in that list is also cooking and packaging. The settings portion is mostly built for alpha as the entire setup was not how I envisioned the final version for launching options and so on.

                    If you've downloaded already you only need to overwrite the "UDKEditor.exe." Otherwise you will have to redo your colors and settings. An installer with updating/automatic updating won't be available until beta. I also suggest registering ".uc" and ".uci" files with the editor as it's setup for that as well. That option will be available in the installer to automatically do this for you.

                    Tomorrow I will add the compile checking versus updated files. I actually need to finish the entire synchronizations between the editor and your project and this will aid compile checking.

                    Thanks to everyone trying this out, giving suggestions, and posting bugs.


                      Hi I am using Windows 7 & and UDK Feb 2012. Just downloaded this and set it up. When I do a Build though, I get a pop up that says EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.... the title of the pop up says its Windows exception. Is there a particular place i need to install the IDE?

                      I get it almost at the end of the compilation and when i click on it closes the editor. I also tried running it as admin!


                        It is likely because you haven't went in your settings and defined a Path for your UDK to compile from :-)


                          Originally posted by lovindadonks View Post
                          It is likely because you haven't went in your settings and defined a Path for your UDK to compile from :-)
                          My path points to the main root DIR of my UDK, like this: C:\UDK\UDK-2012-02

                          Is this correct or should it point to the C:\UDK\UDK-2012-02\Binaries\Win32(or \Win64)\ ???

                          Note: I see the list of my classes/folders inside my Development/Src/ folder on the right. So I assumed I set it up correctly.




                              Got to try it first, but…