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Help to Move Custom Animated Character using Kismet Only....

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  • Help to Move Custom Animated Character using Kismet Only....

    Hello Friends!

    I am a newbie to far i have added a custom character, created a anim tree.

    Now am able to play the idle animation...but i want to learn how to move the character just using kismet..

    is it advisable to use kismet for all actions... i.e to create a 2d platformer...with 3d characters.

    thanks to all..


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    I'm not sure what you are talking about when you say "move the character just using Kismet". Are you trying to physically make the player move using Kismet? The player should already be able to move with the standard input with no Kismet tweaks. If you mean make the player move by the animations playing, if you set up your animtree correctly, then anytime the pawn reaches a certain speed, then your animtree will take the animations and make them play the correct animation. I'm no big animations guy, but I've played around with them a bit. Just make sure your idle to walk value isn't too high. For example if you have it set to 1000, then your pawn will likely never reach 1000 units of speed, so it will never play the walk animation. You will also need to tweak this value (it is good if you know how fast the value should be in your code) so that there won't be any sliding and such while walking.


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      actually i have a blank map with just the character FBX imported and the animtree playing the idle....

      I dont have any scripts configured....i want to move the character in the left and right direction just using kismet...

      so when i move the character using buttons..its like Input.GetKeyDown("a") { move x } ..i want to achieve this using kismet...

      usually to have a character move..there is a script available in UDK ..but what i need to know is whether i can move my character just using the kismet with out any script...