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UDK Gems

This is a sticky topic.
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    Why is there no new udk gems?


      Been a bit busy working on games at the moment. Sorry!


        +1 on edx76's comment!

        The UDK Gems have taught me a ton about UScript, far more than any other source. Please make more, if time allows!


          I'm currently starting to tinker around with the MOBA starter kit but I'm a little stumped: I can't get seem to switch the functionality of the left and right mouse clicks so that left click will allow you to move and right clicking will allow selection. I tried switching the pending left and right click functions and then rebuilding, but that does nothing. Does anyone have any advice on where I should look?


            Originally posted by nesjett View Post
            Hey, I found a problem with the MOBA starter kit, it seems that, when you die, at respawn you cannot use any spell
            [0164.47] ScriptWarning: Accessed None 'PawnOwner'
            	UDKMOBASpell_DemoGuy_MissileBarrage uedpiemobatinymap.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.UDKMOBASpell_DemoGuy_MissileBarrage_0
            	Function udkmoba.UDKMOBASpell_DemoGuy_MissileBarrage:LaunchMissileTimer:0014
            is the what the log says is the problem. I've looked into where PawnOwner is defined and it appear to me to be correct, and it does work the first time, so I'm assuming it's not broken. After following around the variable OwnerReplicationInfo I think that the problem is part of the HUD. It keeps the HUD assigned to the pawn that died, and I have tried adding in ConfigSpells() into RestartPlayer() to renew the cached info the HUD stores about each spell, but it appears to overlay a blank set of skills over the old set, and they achieve no functionality. I'm wondering if possibly storing the spell info into the player info and using that to initialize the spell area of the HUD would work? I'm still trying to learn US and I'm just not familiar enough with UDK yet to completely help you out. I've searched the forums and google and can't seem to find anyone who has posted about tackling this problem yet.