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Cooking Problems...

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  • Cooking Problems...


    After I cooked my game I can't load the game anymore it crashes with the cooked maps. I have manage to get hold of the error message...

    [0006.89] Init: Client initialized
    [0006.96] Critical: appError called: Assertion failed: Class->IsChildOf(T::StaticClass()) [File:c:\depot\unrealengine3\development\src\core\inc\UnClass.h] [Line: 1321]
    Stack: Address = 0x726e755c (filename not found) [in C:\Windows\WinSxS\\gdiplus.dll]
    Address = 0x656c6165 (filename not found)
    Address = 0x3a85674  (filename not found) [in D:\UDK_Temp\Binaries\Win32\wxmsw28u_adv_vc_custom.dll]
    Address = 0xc12b2375 (filename not found)
    Address = 0x8b01148b (filename not found)
    Address = 0x10cec1f2 (filename not found)
    Address = 0xe681f233 (filename not found)
    Address = 0xff00ff   (filename not found) [in D:\UDK_Temp\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe]
    Address = 0x3189f233 (filename not found)
    Address = 0x854bcf03 (filename not found)
    Address = 0x2e8e0fdb (filename not found)
    Address = 0xeb000004 (filename not found)
    Address = 0x50b60fdf (filename not found)
    Address = 0x30b60f03 (filename not found)
    Address = 0x308e[0006.97] Critical: Windows GetLastError: Unable to locate the module. (126) (Note! This line was translated from Swedish)
    It have worked before and it works uncooked.
    I'm running ver. 7026 (Last version with PhysX working)

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    Not sure what your problem is, but I would like to point out that PhysX is functioning in all UDK releases.