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How To Detect Mic Input?

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    How To Detect Mic Input?

    I was wondering if there was any way to detect the Mic input? There are some functions in OnlineSubsystemPC like

    * Determines if the specified player is actively talking into the mic
    * @param LocalUserNum the local player index being queried
    * @return TRUE if the player is talking, FALSE otherwise
    function bool IsLocalPlayerTalking(byte LocalUserNum);

    but im not quite sure if i can even use this function or how to if i can for a single player game. Ive tried looking at the OnlineSub instance ( not sure if the proper term is an instance here) and tried parsing it. but no luck yet. Im not too sure what to pass as the LocaluserNum.

    any help would be great. thanks guys.

    I'd go for DLLBind for that, if you want something more than "is mic being used or not"


      You might be able to do this using the Steam onlinesub, I think it's supposed to support voice, but it's probably not going to do anything in singleplayer.



        thanks. em. Ive been looking around but im not too familiar with working with dlls. Ive been lookoing for dlls to do wwith Mic input, but im not too sure about the structure of what the BindDLL system wants. As long as there is a dll, can the bindDLL call any function within the src code? or does it demand a specific tag or naming convention?



        hmm well im trying to get the function call the function isLocalPlayerTalking
        from OnlineSub.VoiceInterface.IsLocalPlayerTalking... Thing is VoiceInterface
        has been initiated yet. So ive was looking at

        * Called from native code to assign the voice interface
        * @param NewInterface the object to assign as providing the voice interface
        * @return TRUE if the interface is valid, FALSE otherwise
        event bool SetVoiceInterface(Object NewInterface)
        VoiceInterface = OnlineVoiceInterface(NewInterface);
        // This will return false, if the interface wasn't supported
        return VoiceInterface != None;

        Dont know if its possible to pass in something here in this native code. /probably wasnt meant to.


          It's not going to do anything unless you have the Steam interface up and online.

          Re: DLLBind, click "Documentation", search for "DLLBind".


            if connect side
            server Mapname

            connect side

            by multiplayer internet
            does it work?