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Pawn Wall walking and directional gravity

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    Take the existing rotation, and add/subtract to/from it

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  • started a topic Pawn Wall walking and directional gravity

    Pawn Wall walking and directional gravity

    So I've been trying to do the whole wall walking thing and atm I've got this.

    As you can see the pawn can walk on walls but the problem I'm having at the moment is making the pawn rotate to stand on the floor it is currently walking on. It just looks like its glues to it at the minute. Can I get any help with how I can use the floor vector to set the pawns feet to be on the floor.

    Because if I use this

    NewRotation = Rotator(Pawn.Floor);
    NewRotation.Pitch += 16384;
    Pawn.SetRotation( NewRotation );
    I get the pawn to have his feet on the floor (all be it with a bit of a collision error but thats a diff story) but I am unable to do any additional rotation such as rotating the pawn in the direction it is moving. So if its running vertically up a wall I want it to face the way its running way.

    Is there a way of rotating the pawn relative to its current orientation? So I can yaw the pawn left and right even when its on a wall.