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Script to SoundCue (Continuous Modulator)

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    Script to SoundCue (Continuous Modulator)

    I am trying to figure something out relating to how the vehicle engine sounds work.
    Within the engine loop SoundCue, there is a Continuous Modulator which is responsible for applying pitch and volume modulation to the engine sound dependent upon vehicle speed in-game. I'd like to work out where the values that the Continuous Modulator comes from...
    I've been basing my initial investigation on the Cicada vehicle and so have been through the script files for the Cicada and all the classes that it inherits from all the way back to Pawn. But I can't find anything that to my in-experienced programming eyes suggests that it is what I'm looking for.

    Does anyone know where this data comes from or where to look for it?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    This is obviously a specialist question, so I'm just bumping this in case the "right" person has not seen it...




      Sorry to bring up an old topic, but I'm also looking for an answer on this. As the documentation indicates, the Continuous Modulator can be used to modify pitch and volume in real-time, which is exactly what I want, in this case dependant on the speed of a moving object (an example also given in the documentation).

      The problem is, after having created a SoundCue using a Continuous Modulator, how do I reference and change values in the modulator from UnrealScript?

      Any help would be much appreciated!


        Bump again, wondering the same thing.

        Let you know if I figure it out.

        /** Ambient engine-running sound. Pitch modulated based on RPMS. Trying to track this down. Any help would be much appreciated


          Ok, I figured it out.

          In the SoundCue Editor, the Continuous modulator node has a line for ParamName. There is also a line for Max Input. These two are key.

          Since the pitch modulation is a float sound parameter, we will use the SetFloatParameter() function as follows:

          MyAudioComponent.SetFloatParameter('PitchModulatio nParam', 5000);

          PitchModulationParam was the ParamName and 5000 was the max in this case.

          I assume in order to make this continuous you will need to create a new state or looping timer so that the sound is updated properly.