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set up static camera ?

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  • set up static camera ?

    hello i'm making a puzzle/logic game, the playing area is all at the same screen, i want to set up the camera to loot at the center of the screen, like a 2d camera that see a entire 3d world, and all the object moving on all the panels, levels and stairs, i have tried to use kismet to attach the camera to the actors that are in the center of the screen (in my case 2 bricks) but i can't attach the camera to my bricks actors, i have tried with the same kismet that i used to attach the camera to my pawn in a 3d world, but nothing, i want to set up the camera using unreal script but i don't know how to do it, can somebody point me in the right direction ?

    thank you in advance for the help ....

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    Use "Set Camera Target" to change the viewing camera to the desired camera. Then just stick the Camera wherever it needs to be to view the whole level and you're set.

    From what I understand, you want the camera just pointing down, which means that the camera never moves right?


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      think in my level like a sort of pinball table, the camera will look to the front/forward, but you are right, the camera will not move, the only think that moves on the game level if the player, the bots and some other actors, the "set camera target" if the kismet function or in unreal script ?


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        Set Camera Target is in Kismet. Just make a "Player Spawned" Event, and attach it to the Set Camera Target action. The "Cam Target" is the camera actor itself, and the "Target" is just your player (though I don't think it really means anything).


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          this is what i have in my kismet and don't work, the camera is just looking behind the character, but the real position must be a lot more up in the z axis

          i have used the target a KActor instead of the player because the kactor is at the center of the screen and i want the camera look at this point.


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            Wherever the real position must be, physically move it to that spot in your map.

            The camera looks wherever it's pointed. Setting it to the KActor because it's at the center of the screen is not what you should do. Set the "Target" to the Player, and then position the camera so that it is looking exactly where you want it to look in-game.


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              thank you Hyper_Shado, it works just fine, i was thinking that i must set the target to the actor that the camera will be looking, but i understand now that the target is the player because the camera is settting up when the player is spawned (if i'm wrong please correct me) thank you again.


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                No problem.

                I have no idea what the whole "target" thing does specifically, just that you have to set it to be the player or else it doesn't seem to work.