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vistual studio shell integrative has no c++?

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  • vistual studio shell integrative has no c++?

    So I was following this tutorial

    I downloaded the "Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Shell (Integrated Mode)" as per step 1.

    I installed this

    and then installed nfringe.

    So I go and open microsoft visual studio 2008 that installed from the Shell (Integrated Mode) installer, and everything looks just fine, it has the nfringe plugin loaded and it is highlighting unrealscript specific words. But it has no C++ in it! No C++ highlighting, just Basic, and some other stuff I don't know what it is, but no c, c++, c# or any of that. I imagine this is because I downloaded the Visual Studio 2008 Shell (integrated mode) and I do not have the actual Visual Studio 2008 proffesional. Which I can't afford, so I can't be doing that.

    So then I noticed on that tutorial it mentions nfringe works with the express editions of visual studio. So I downloaded Visual Studio c++ 2008 express. Installed just fine. But the nfringe plugin doesnt register in Visual Studio C++ express!

    So I have a Visual Studio 2008 installed from the Shell (Integrated Mode) thing that has the nfringe and unrealscript specific highlights, but no c++. And then I have a Vistual studio C++ 2008 express installed that has C++ highlights, but nfringe or unrealscript!

    How do I get both C++ and the NFringe stuff running in the same free IDE? Can this be done for free? Or do I have to really buy the Visual Studio 2008 proffesional?

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    Why do you need C# or C++ highlighting, unless you're doing actual programming in either of those, then I don't why you'd just be using the shell


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      One of the guides says to use C++ highlighting, presumably because C++ syntax is similar to UnrealScript syntax (so you'd get highlighting on most things).


      • #4
        nFringe incorporates it's own Uscript highlighting.


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          One of the tutorials said to tell it to use c++ highlighting so I thought I needed to set that. I guess it's not absolutely necessary though, nfringe does seem to highlight some things.

          The thing though was that the shader source files have no highlighting in them. But I guess I can just edit thought c++ express.


          • #6
            The shader source files? Unreal does things through the Material editor, not UnrealScript. You're likely doing something wrong if you're changing the source for the material editor nodes?


            • #7
              I probably am.

              they were the .usf files

              the tutorial said to add .usf files to the settings in visual studio. Does the UnrealED gui editor make the .usf files?