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How to disable the ability to restart map with ENTER key

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    How to disable the ability to restart map with ENTER key

    This seems pretty basic stuff - but cannot seem to find anything in defaultinput.ini or baseinput.ini

    did a search for "enter" and couple things came up but nothing seems straight forward like

    bindings=("enter", command="restart level")

    or restart map or whatever

    I just don't want the player to be able to press enter when bplayerisdead==true and respawn or restart map, etc. (I have another menu system for all that)

    Any ideas?


    I think you're gonna need unrealscript for this
    I don't know how Enter is handled but for example Left Mouse Button also makes you respawn. and Left Mouse Button simply calls StartFire. but in the Dead State of the PlayerController, StartFire forces a respawn instead of trying to fire. I'd guess it's something similar for Enter


      Thanks for the reply

      did a search for "enter" of all the code and a lot stuff came up so I need to look through all that...

      My game is actually on steam right now and willing to give anyone who can help out with this I can give a free steam key

      Also... for some reason I cannot seem to rebind the R key to anything?

      I go directly into defaultinput.ini file but if I try to change it... it wont work... (I think its somehow hardcoded to record start/stop) very weird!