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    General Framerate Question

    I had a quick question I thought I'd post -

    When working in totally blank, totally stock UDK I'm only getting a framerate (using "stat FPS") of about 16FPS. Is that normal? And is that very dependent on hardware, considering there's nothing in the default scene other than a skybox and a cube? If I make new map that's just a black box I get around 25FPS, in editor or with a cooked build.

    Just wondering how crazy this is. I know my laptop isn't a beast or anything, but not sure how much disparity is hardware dependent.

    Sorry for the nooby question, I'm just new to worrying about things like framerate so I'm wondering how boned I am out of the gate. Thanks!

    I get a constant 120 FPS (the cap) in the editor when I make a new map (everything black). mind posting your PC's specs?


      Happy to!

      Pretty much just a normal, crappy laptop, haha. But still surprised I'm getting so low.

      Dell Inspiron N7010
      Intel Core i5 CPU
      M460 @ 2.53GHZ
      6 GB RAM

      Thanks for the response!