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New UDK Test Build (Aug.) Available

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    Does anyone else experience a lot of failed/partial download attempts when trying to grab the latest 1.8Gb file?
    My ISP is terrible - I'm in my 3rd day of trying to get the build.
    However the lack of a resume download feature, or multi-part winzip/winrar or a minimal binary patch updater really doesn't help.

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    I used a old config file! I have to figure out the details
    More details in

    Thanks for sharing the UDK Test Build August
    I have installed the UDK version successfully and I can use the Editor and the mobile simulator.
    Afterwards I install the app on a Ipad with ios 7.1.2 and when I start the app the following error messages appears (quote below).
    This also happens e.g. with the EpicCitadel example.

    UE3SYS:CRASH: /UnreaIEngine3/
    Assertion failed: appErrorf
    When DISALLOW_32BITINDICES is defined, 32 bit indices should not be used
    UE3SYS:CHANGELlST: 2243543
    CallStack: 0 UDKGame OxOOe614ff
    _ZN12TSparseArraylN4TSetlN8TMapBaselj15FES2FrameBu fferLjOE20FDefaultSetAllocatorE5FPairENS4_8KeyFunc sES3_E8FElementE21 TSparse
    ArrayAllocatorl17FDefaultAllocator25FDefaultBitArr ayAllocatorEE5EmptyE
    i + 33974
    1 UDKGame
    _ZN22FUnitTestExecutionInfoD2Ev +
    2 UDKGame
    Ev + 9930
    3 UDKGame
    Do you have any informations or hints to solve the issue?

    Thanks in a lot!

    I used a old config file! I have to figure out the details
    More details in

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    This is great, thanks!

    Is the iOS build compiled using the newest XCode version to make it future proof ? In case apple requires all submissions to be compiled with the newest XCode early next year, as they did this year.

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    Thanks Sean. That's especially good news for mobile dev.
    On the PC side, how is Crowd Replication progressing?
    Can you confirm there's still a fix in development...?
    (No rush, but it would help to know either way)

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  • started a topic New UDK Test Build (Aug.) Available

    New UDK Test Build (Aug.) Available

    Hello everyone,

    A new UDK test build is available for the community. We've implemented several fixes and updates to resolve issues reported by users.

    Core Fixes

    - Facebook integration: Re-implemented the generic request feature, re-implemented the show dialogue feature, fixed friends requests
    - iOS deployment failure: Ensure that Distro_UDKGame-IPhone-Shipping.ipa is being deployed
    - Resolved UE3 iOS 8 beta crash when launching game
    - Various reported memory leaks

    How to Request the Test Build

    Please submit your request to developer [dot] relations [at], and we'll provide a link to our FTP where the build can be downloaded.