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clarification from someone who knows please?

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    clarification from someone who knows please?

    ey up

    so im finding the interaction between an anim tree and script is at best scetchy, at worst doesnt work at all.
    i need to find where the problem lies.
    reading this page
    it says
    The major limitation with animation notifies is that you can not add two notifies at the same time.....
    does this mean 2 notifies in the same tree/class, or does it mean 2 notifies altogether from every tree/script in the game?

    One more thing to watch out for is that the engine can only execute four animation notifies in a single tick...
    again, does this mean the same tree/script, or every tree/script combined?

    i am finding that it is completely random wheather a script notify is called or not.
    on top of that, 'cause actor anim end' (OnAnimEnd) and 'cause actor anim play' (OnAnimPlay) seems to only fire randomly.

    a bit of background,
    im using this for an ai bot with root motion, so these functions need to work properly as the bots 'next move' is decided when an animation ends.
    there are many bots on a map.
    yes the nodes in the animtree have 'cause actor anim end' ect and play ticked.
    yes the script notify name and the function name are the same.

    is there any reason that anybody knows of that would cause this script/animtree interaction to be unreliable?

    this has been a total hasle for a good few weeks now and im getting sick of it.
    thanks to anyone whe even suggests a way to fix it, or tells me why it might be happening.


    a) You can only have one anim notify at a given point in an animation timeline. Two events cannot be placed at the same actual time.
    b) Four total. I have no idea why this is the case. It's pretty unusual that you'd have that many triggering in a single tick though.


      i dont think there are more than 4 in a tick, but i cant be sure and im trying to find any reason they would not register.
      btw the player pawn also uses this system which will add to the number of notifies going on.

      more info,
      anims are told to play through AnimBlendByProperty if that makes a difference.
      would blend times interfere with OnAnimEnd and OnAnimPlay?

      it seems to be more unreliable with more than a couple of bots on the map.