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Problems while Importing Multiple Animation Takes

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    Problems while Importing Multiple Animation Takes


    I have created a single animation file with multiple animation takes in Motion Builder, since it has the feature of supporting those. So in the past, all I needed to do, was save my file, and when I import it in any given Animset, UDK would import all the takes on the file. This is really sweet and helps my pipeline a lot, since I don't need to export/import every single take. Using a proper naming convention, all I need to do is name the file with a prefix and the take with the action, and I would have a nice Animset with common naming sequences.

    So as I do my thing, I'm finding a slight issue. All takes get imported, however they all come in with the same timing (duration). The actions are being imported with the number of frames from the first take. So if I have the following Takes:

    1. Take 01 = 14 frames
    2. Take 02 = 16 frames
    3. Take 03 = 14 frames
    4. Take 04 = 14 frames

    All takes will last only 14 frames and Take 02 would be missing 2.

    If I have this other scenario:

    1. Take 01 = 34 frames
    2. Take 02 = 14 frames
    3. Take 03 = 16 frames
    4. Take 04 = 14 frames

    All takes will last 34 frames, so after the 14 or 16 frames the action will play the last frame on the take for the rest of the 34 frames.

    I'm using Unreal Development Kit again since not using it in over 6 months, but I don't recall having this issue in the past. Has it always worked this way? Is there a bug in the later versions?

    I'm using Version 10907 Changelist: 1715227.

    Any insight on this would be really helpful.


    I used to export all my animations in a single file through actor x in 3D Studio Max.
    But these days I usually export my animations 1 by 1 separately as FBX.

    It sucks but I think it will solve your issue. Some times you just gotta do it the long way.