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Actor Class Invalid GUID

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    Actor Class Invalid GUID

    Hi all, new to this forum section (also still quite an amateur at UDK) and hoping to get some expert help! :P

    I'm having a few issues with my Actors displaying in UDK. My Playerstart Actor, for example, is invisible in the perspective viewport (as seen in this screenshot, however is visible in the rest. Upon loading my map I am warned that Playerstart has an Invalid GUID and rebuilding paths may help - I've tried rebuilding paths and this didn't fix the issue.

    The same thing is happening with some other Actor classes, such as Teleporters. I'm not in Game Mode.

    Help appreciated.


    Based off of your picture, you are in Game Mode. You have the Game Mode button (The button with the G on it) toggled on.

    Edit: Also, to fix the invalid GUId warning, it may be because it is floating too high in the air.


      Thanks for the reply - yes in the picture I'm in Game mode but even with it off the sprites don't display.

      I've tried moving them to a variety of positions and this won't force them to display.

      Strangely, this only happens when I'm using my home PC - if I use the computers at my University the icons display fine however I still get the invalid GUID error.


        Fixed this issue - simply reinstalling UDK did the trick.