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Installation Problem

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  • Installation Problem

    I searched around the forums and I haven't found an exact answer on my issue. I'm hoping someone can assist. I'm trying to install the lastest UDK for the first time on a Win7Pro system with a 2GB video card, a 1TB HDD and 32GB of memory. The download comes through fine and everything seems ready to install except...

    ..when the installer runs, it goes through a .NET install even if framework 4 is installed already, the system restarts and nothing happens when I log back in after that. I'm logged in as the admin on the workstation. Launching the installer again brings up the UDK installer. If I run the installer, it goes through the motions like its unzipping and saving the install to the selected location. It installs a UDK folder with a sub-folder with the version name, but the folders are empty. There's nothing in them and any steps I've found so far to install UDK don't seem to troubleshoot the issue.

    Am I missing something? Thanks.

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    I don't think you are missing something, to be honest.
    Which version of UDK are you installing ? also have you got another version in your computer ? or this version perhaps already installed before ? if yes then uninstall it not by deleting the files but by uninstalling it on the control panel,


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      I'm trying to install the latest download; UDKInstall-2012-7-BETA2 (1.8GB file). It's odd because nothing installs that I can "uninstall" the control panel. It just runs through the .NET install, followed by an UDK install that results in 2 empty folders. I wish I could say more.


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        Maybe you could do a manual install?