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Bullet time effect

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  • Bullet time effect

    Any one with any idea about how to do the bullet time effect, like for example i Have a sniper in the game , i want him when he shoot to freeze time and a camera follows the bullet in slow motion.
    If anyone have any idea about the procedure I should follow i would be grateful.

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    Are you doing it in realtime multiple shots can do it) or is it just one time? If its once you could just do it as a cutscene with the camera following a bullet mesh used as a mover.


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      There is a console command that can be used to to do the slow down the game simulation, if you enter slomo 1, the game runs at normal speed, enter slomo .5 game runs at half..


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        It's called TimeDilation and is accessible in unreal script through WorldInfo. Individual actors can also be affected through Actor.CustomDilation


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          No I'll be using multiple times a cut scene won't solve the issue,,, for the slomo command maybe it will useful, i'll set to be 0.3 for example when the bullet is goint to hit the target and get's back to normal after hit.
          and I'll read some about Timedilation , as it seems it will be solution am heading for.

          Thanks for all the suggestion guys