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Invisible Walls in level

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  • Invisible Walls in level

    Hi everyone, I'm new to UDK and I'm new here. Hope I can be an active part of these forums from now on and pass on any info that I receive/work out

    The reason I started working with UDK is because i recently joined a group of people looking to port an old game - and I was vaguely proficient at an older version of unreal editor. I am currently attempting to convert the old maps into UDK, by exporting the map as a .t3d file and importing, however i am encountering a very annoying problem. Invisible walls appear in several places throughout my level. I initially was completely flummoxed by this until I realised that I had stupidly forgotten to take out zone portals before exporting my brush. This appeared to have the desired effect apart from in one region of my map.

    I can see nothing that would cause such an error. I have created a large brush over the affected area and intersected to see if there was anything invisible holding me back, but nothing seems to come up. I have even subtracted the geometry entirely and made my own flight of stairs to no avail - I am constantly blacked when I try to walk around the map at this specific point.

    Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

    Would it help if I attached a copy of my map?

    Thanks in advance,

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    No one know how to help me? Have I posted in the wrong section or something?


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      From my little experience... I had that problem when messing arround with geometry mode. Usually scaling...


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        i think it would indeed be best if you could attach a copy of (part of) your map.


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          Ok Ill attach the map, as I dont know how to attach a part - the error is at the stairs where the builder brush is at - thanks for your responses - much appreciated!!


          Thanks again


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            did you ever try jumping over it?

            it would seem to me that that one step is too large to step onto, if it's the stairs you were talking about...

            on a sidenote, i like what you've done and thankfully udk could read your link because firefox just showed me "Áƒ*žV��Ož�����None���Á������d��£ ��n���›��3��Ož��������������Á~¢cÖŽH•�ˆÃmy!��� d��Á���d��Ÿ$��������������wS��������"


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              Seems to make no sense as all the stairs were all built at the same height straight from a builder brush, but yea fair does it could be that. Thanks

              Also thanks for complimenting the map!


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                @thommie: Right click -> Save link as...
                WoW, entire level with one single brush - imagine impact on the performance...

                1. You have two the same brushes - subtractive and additive flipped 180' - which intersect each other, remove all brush except Brush_14 and Brush_12
                2. Problem are gaps in brush - there is plenty of them... Split that brush in to smaller parts - i.e. for each room, things like stairs or decorations convert to static mesh. This will eliminate any gaps and is better for performance.


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                  would've been quite hard to like what he's done so far if i hadn't done that yet

                  i did indeed notice some weird framedrops at a few places in the level, but i wouldn't know where because i kept getting lost.


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                    Hmm the entire level in one brush is all I could thinhk of to do. I have 2 ways I can import the level:

                    1. I can make a MASSIVE brush that I intersect with the level in old unrealeditor and export that brush to give you what I have at the moment. I the add lights/playerstarts etc in manually as these are not brought with the intersected brush


                    2. I can export the level in old unrealeditor and import into UDK, with all lights, playerstarts etc correct, but with hundreds of brushes that I would just have to sit and manually intersect add or deintersect subtract - Im trying to get as many maps ported as possible - and I have a good 300+ maps to convert

                    is there any way of applying all these brushes at once/ in the order they were made in?

                    Thanks again for the replies - much appreciated.


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                      1. One single brush it's very bad idea...
                      2. Not sure about UDK, but you can try UT3-Converter2