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How do I stop fog entering my buildings?

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  • How do I stop fog entering my buildings?

    I'm basically using exponential height fog to fill the whole map with fog, however I want to stop this from entering my buildings, is there some sort of volume I can place around the building to stop it entering? Or any other method would be fine... I'd appreciate any help.

    Thanks, Nash.

  • #2
    Lol I asked exactly the same question not so long ago. You have to adjust the fog density via kismet. Add a touch volume and add a float to lower fog density when you enter building.


    • #3
      A touch volume? Such as? xD But cheers nevertheless.


      • #4
        place your builder brush somewhere where you want to enter the building -> click "add volume" -> select "Trigger Volume" from the list. With that one selected go into kismet -> right click -> chose "new event" -> chose "touch"


        • #5
          So by doing this and lowering the fog density, is there a way to make it so when I walk back out, it goes back up again?


          • #6
            Yes. You'll have to connect something to the reverse connector box on the touch volume trigger node. I can't go into detail because I wanted to do this but then I decided to scrap the map and so I didn't need to do it. I can't help you any further.


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              Ah right, cheers. One last quick question, sorry I'm rather new to it :L but how do I add the lower fog density property?