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icore 5 2nd generation

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  • icore 5 2nd generation

    Hello everyone.

    I have a question, this goes out to those running UDK with an icore 5. Does it work well with UDK? I want to go icore 7 but buying it is pretty expensive (building my own computer). Just want to know, if an icore 5 runs well with udk then I might go that route.

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    UDK works fine with my i5-2500k and I don't even bother overclocking. Tribes Ascend (UE3) runs very smooth too.


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      same here i5-2300 4cores with 8gb ram gf550

      not the best but a decent price


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        Originally posted by geodav View Post
        ... with 8gb ram...
        Actually that's a very good point about the ram. I have 8gb too. Don't skimp on the ram.


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          It works very well with UDK. We did Swarm test of it over a year ago and it beat 6-core i7 990 with HT (12-threads). Though, Swarm multi-threading support could have changed since then.

          A better choice for a similar price could be a 3rd gen i5, like i5 3570K or 3550. They should be out in stores in few weeks.