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Please Help Re: Fluorescent Light

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  • Please Help Re: Fluorescent Light

    I am now on the last part of the video tutorial of UDK which is animating the light (fluorescent light). I would like to ask if anybody here knows how to turn it off because on it's default, the fluorescent light emits light so, I'm now stack on this part. Could anyone please try to help me. And one more thing is, I don't know how to roll over the physics gun to make me able to hold a toggleable object or what key to press. Any kind of help would be much appreciated. Thank you guys a lot...

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    Create the light with the value you want when it's on, then in Matinee, set up the keyframes to have it turned off initially


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      thanks. I will try that...


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        I'm having the same problem; followed the 3DBuzz 'kismet: toggling material' programming up to the where i had to find setVectorParam. My version of UDK didn't have this facility. Currently I have UDK, build Feb 2012.
        Can you please tell me how to do this via Matinee please; I'm guessing you have to have 2 versions of the graphic to do this.

        Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Pretty sure Scalar Parameter is what you are looking for. You then can access it from material instance/Kismet.


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            I have the Scaler Parameter in Kismet already but the light just stays on. In fact I have two, one each for light on and off.