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Couple questions.....

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  • Couple questions.....

    Ok so im new here and new to UDK, have a couple questions about the program as im studying game design at college but we have not done much yet so i have been getting to know the program through tutorials, but there are a couple i can't find.

    1) Say i have an exterior map and i have a door to a building/dungeon, how do i click the door and spawn inside the building/dungeon?

    2) How do i make a day/night cycle?

    3) how do i export a character from 3ds Max to use as my character in UDK?

    Many thanks

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    start watching as many tutorials as posible
    1) search for door tutorial
    2) not sure
    3) watch my tutorials also my ut3 character stuff might help

    link is in the sig, start with my youtube channel


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      thanks alot i will be sure to watch your tutorials, really dreading getting into the coding that looks very confusing


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        Also watch the 3D Buzz tutorials, they are very helpful.


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          Check out the DayAndNight map that comes with UDK.


          • #6
            where can i find the DayAndNight map i had a look and can't find it :s


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                ok thank you but mine is UDK-2011-12, is it not meant to auto update for me?


                • #9
                  No, UDK does not update itself.

                  But the Day and Night cycle map is still there.


                  • #10
                    yeah my comp can't even load that map lol guess an upgrade is on the cards now!


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                      I always wondered if there was a method (function) that would teleport the pawn to a certain coordinate pair and update it.