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.upk files cause SVN commit issues

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  • .upk files cause SVN commit issues

    Hi there!
    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right spot to post such a question, as it is just partly related to the UDK itself.

    The Problem
    We're using Subversion 1.7 for collaboration and encountered problems committing .upk files. Some of these files get "stuck" during the commit process. The transfer rate suddenly drops to 0 kbps and stays there infinitely. There is no timeout, no error message or whatsoever. It does not happen for all .upk files however, but only two of the larger files get stuck. One is 12MB, the other 58MB. This entire behaviour is very strange, since we never experienced such an error for any other large asset using Subversion before. Whether it's PSD files or videos, the file size or format never mattered in our other projects. We've never used UDK before though, so this weird behaviour for .upk files is new to us.

    Is there any known issue in conjunction with Subversion?

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    I just started a project with with a few people I know and we play on using TortoiseSVN. I'll report back on what I find with .upk files.


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      Not that I know off. I think your server is dying mid commit or has run out of space.


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        I've been using subversion with UE3 for a few years now with no issues like this.


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          its not related to upk files.
          must be a problem with your connection or your server.


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            Thanks for the replies!
            Indeed, you are right. It was kind of a messed up situation which was caused by a misbehaving SVN 1.7 update and our university network. Looked like it was the .upk files, but it was actually a firewall restriction since we're using SVN through port 80. Thanks anyways!