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How to set up a game project in the root UDK directory outside of UDKGame?

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    I think launch.cpp is for commercial version of UDK ?

    I use the free version of UDK, so what I want doing is inpossible ?

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    I use a custom program Insted of unreal frontend
    Ok in launch.cpp you must enter your game name for ue3 to recognise the folder
    This is an error that should be reported to engine qa

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    oki thx
    I have try with the game name set in the ini's, but it's the exe name saw in the console "GCGame-Win32-Shipping.exe", to me

    after I have an other problem :
    UnrealFrontend doesn't see the map, in my root game dir
    and when I start the make, Fontend use the UDKGame config files, not mine

    I have maybe make a mistake

    this my Config files :

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    That error is because udk.exe needs to be renamed to yourgame.exe I think that documentation is more for ue3 not udk
    If you need more help udk.exe help

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    Hi all

    I have the same problem, anyone can help ?

    I think a little Tutorial about this, will be great with an template of full game directory


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  • How to set up a game project in the root UDK directory outside of UDKGame?

    Hi fellow UDK-users,

    (I posted this thread already once over 30h ago but it didnt show up ... so I just repost it in case it didnt work properly)

    The day before yesterday I finally found some time to begin with UDK.
    As it seems, there are multiple ways of creating a new game project, so I decided to go with the more "organized" and "cleaner" way of doing it, because I will have more than one game project at the same time.
    As mentioned in the UDK Docs here
    There will be one directory for each game project, including the base Engine. For each game project, including the base Engine, there will be one or more directories that contain elements specific to that project.
    So I created these folders %UDK_ROOT%\{GameProjectName}Game\ and all necessary subfolders mentioned in the doc.

    Now I copied the config files as mentioned here from UDKGame\Config and changed all path specific parameters to my new directory accordingly.

    I set up new UnrealScript projects in Development\Src for each GameProject and added them in the appropriate DefaultEngine.ini.

    In Unreal Frontend I can now select each of my GameProjects in a Profile in order to cook it, so the pathes themselves are correct.

    As soon as I try to compile my UnrealScript code I created with this tutorial, I get the following error in the frontend:
    [COMMANDLET 'TGame-Win32-Shipping.exe make' FAILED] Okt 12, 5:38 
    System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The system cannot find the file specified
       at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
       at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start()
       at UnrealFrontend.CommandletProcess.Start(String CmdLine, String CWD, Boolean bCreateNoWindow)
       at UnrealFrontend.ProcessManager.StartProcess(String ExecutablePath, String ExeArgs, String CWD, Platform InPlatform)
    After a bit of testing, I now know that the error occurs every single time I try to start a project outside the UDKGame directory.

    Maybe I overlooked something small in the docs or just mistyped something somewhere, but I just cant get it to work :-(

    Has anyone of you successfully created a game project folder outside of UDKGame and can help me to set one up or at least point me to the right docs?

    Thanks in advance,