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MoveToward/Pathing behaves differently in "PlayInEditor" vs "Start Level on PC"?

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    MoveToward/Pathing behaves differently in "PlayInEditor" vs "Start Level on PC"?


    i recently noticed that "PlayInEditor" does not correctly represent the same logic/results than "Start Level on PC" regarding pathing?

    What happens is that the corner cutting of MoveToward and the MoveTarget actor "reached" logic differs. I noticed this with a teleporter node, in the editor case the pawn will not correctly reach the touch area and wont be teleported. This seems to happen because the pawn tries to "corner cut" to the teleporter and don't correctly moves to a touching position, this was 100% reproduce-able always inside the editor.
    In contrast using the exact same goals and pathing, the pawn will correctly reach and touch the teleporter in the "Start Level on PC" case.

    So there is some pathing logic that behaves differently in the editor case, which should not happen, since it makes pathing testing much more complicated. From the looks the pawn wont corner cut to this teleporter node in the "full game" case, while the corner cutting happens right before the pawn reaches the teleporter in the editor case.

    Also the corner cutting code don't seem to correctly trace for obstruction, which leads to unwanted collisions with the corner walls, if the pawn cuts to much. A callback right before the cutting happens or a correct obstructions check would be helpfully and prevent those wall bumps. Its even possible that the pawn will get stuck while cutting to much and is than obstructed by the wall, without finding a proper way to the next node or fallback node to fix the wrong movement.

    thx Andy