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Pls fix and document GameAICommand, thx

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    Pls fix and document GameAICommand, thx

    Hi Epic,

    the GameAICommand was added quite some time ago and around 50% of the functions work as "intended" or at least in a logical expected way, but there are still dozen of functions that simple are never called.

    Some of those have the comment "/** == OVERRIDABLE INTERFACE == */" but in fact most of those interface functions are never called/used and since all the internal functions are flagged "final" its very hard to fix this ourself. Es example: the Tick(), most path notifies and GetUtility(), AllowTransitionTo() are not called at all and its nearly impossible to fix this with the "final" flag on the internal functions.

    So could someone review this class and fix those overridable functions, so we can actually use those?

    Also there is no documentation on this system at all.

    bye Andy

    There are alot of AI-related classes available but not documented. I hope they squeeze in some time to enlighten us about the new features.