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Request for better documentation for Ai, Navmesh and Pathnode system.

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    Request for better documentation for Ai, Navmesh and Pathnode system.

    Hi Epic,

    since i have no clue if still someone even reads the programmer forum i post this request here.

    Atm all the Scout class navmeshxy tweak parameters are cryptic to anyone that did not write there own navmesh find engine. So please document those and how they relate and can be used to get "cleaner" navmeshs.

    The same goes for the pathnode system and all there weights/costs members.

    Also in both cases the only "useable" real world examples are inside countless navmesh post, in the programmer forum. Also all those post basically all use the same foundation and code over and over again.
    What is missing, is a simple and yet complete code example for both systems from epic and inside the documentation.

    As a side-note while pathing is documented to some degree, how to utilize pathing or even write AI routines is completely absent. The only real examples are UTBot and DD code. A step by step guide for basic Ai behaviors and how to integrate them into state & pathing code would be helpfully. One particular problem that can be very hard to solve, is if multiple pawns all have the same target and use the same path/navmesh, this results in unwanted collision and "hinder" movement. Some examples/tips on how to solve those and randomize pathing, scattering enemies around would be of great help.

    Thx Andy