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Export kismet seq from a prefab.

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    Export kismet seq from a prefab.


    i have a subseq that is inside a prefab, if i export those seq and reimport it the seq is "messed" up. Which means there are multiple copies overlaying each other.

    It seem as if all the prefab instances put a copy into the exported seq.

    The expected behavior would be that only the selected seq code is exported and not all instances of this seq from all prefabs.

    bye Andy

    UPDATE: Just noticed, its even worse. I tried to copy&paste a instance of the prefab seq back to the root level and the copied version also is broken and has multiple copies of itself overlaying each other this way.

    To reproduce my work flow, create a prefab with kismet logic, than create multiple instances of this prefab. Now add a new sub sequence to one of the prefabs directly inside the prefab seq. Now update all prefabs from this changed instance and than try to export/import or copy&paste the newly created subseq.

    PS: Using version 7977, aka march 2011.