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PC Specs for UDK Have Been Updated: DirectX11 Minimum Specs Added

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    PC Specs for UDK Have Been Updated: DirectX11 Minimum Specs Added

    Please note the PC specs for the March 2011 UDK Beta have been updated.

    Thank you!

    PC Specs


    • Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
    • 2.0+ GHz processor
    • 2 GB system RAM
    • SM3-compatible video card
    • 3 GB Free hard drive space

    Recommended for Content Development:

    • Windows 7 64-bit
    • 2.0+ GHz multi-core processor
    • 8 GB System RAM
    • NVIDIA 8000 series or higher graphics card
    • Plenty of HDD space

    Minimum for DX11 Development:

    • Windows Vista
    • 2.0+ GHz processor
    • 2 GB system RAM
    • DX11 Graphics Card:
      Nvidia: 400 series or above
      ATI: 5000 series or above
    • 3 GB Free hard drive space


    I am gutted, a few months ago work bought me an EliteBook $3823.96 £2300 so it would be future proof

    It only has 1.60Ghz sad times


      what are the actual minimum specs to run udk?
      without sm3 support i mean.


        Graphics Card Question

        Epic’s documentation on recommended specifications for Level Designers recommends a dual (2) Quad-Core Xeon Processors and a separate graphics card. However, Intel® HD Graphics 2000 Technology, is integrated into the 2nd generation Quad Core processors (for example the Intel i7-2600K). The Intel website reports this eliminates the need for a discrete graphics card, thus reducing power consumption and system cost. If this is so, is a separate graphics card such as the nVidia GeForce GTX 285 needed? What is the difference between Intel’s HD Graphics 2000 Technology and the nVidia GeForce GTX 285 (1 GB DDR3)?


          Will earlier versions run on older DX?


            to littleclaude: You HP have intel turbo bust technology and 4 cores you don't need to worry about it ))) Good times! In may bad times i work on 1 core Celeron 1.7Ghz with 256K cahe (((

            to tegleg: on any VGA you can use dx sm3 emulation with swiftshader run emressive fast on cpu


              I just recently upgraded to Windows 7 64... I'm getting scared that my PC isn't good enough? I can't install the UDK getting a missing files error.

              Intel Dual core 2 duo
              4 gig
              GTX570 Gforce


                Is the SM-3 compatibility a new spec? Maybe that's why my July 2011 beta won't run. My January 2011 beta runs though.


                  Hello all...

                  I am a mac user who is going to switch to PC after much self debate.

                  Basically, I make sounds for computer games and wildlife documentaries as well as music. I study digital Musicianship at college here in the UK and am going to be moving on towards either a degree in sound design, music technology or wildlife & Media.

                  I bought a book called the game audio tutorial. I gather it runs through the basics of how to program audio and implement audio into a game using UDK.

                  Can anyone help me to know whether or not I will be able to use UDK smoothly on The following laptop: ( I WILL UPGRADE THE RAM TO 8GB )

                  Thanks to anyone who can offer any advice. From what Ive looked at this seems the best option for my audio production needs I just now need to know whether or not the laptop can handle UDK...

                  by the way the link to the book is here:




                    so i can still use udk (new version) on my xp service pack 3, radeon hd6850, 4 gigs ram,
                    i just cant use dirext x 11.


                      New Development PC

                      I'm looking for some quick advice on graphics card options for a new development system.

                      We've been toying around with UDK a little bit here and there as we make a transition from our programming and web development jobs to creating our first game. That being said, my 4 year old laptop is just not cutting it anymore and I need some advice.

                      I've looked at the min specs on the UDN and I've been looking at a Dell T3500 workstation with 12gb of ram, a quad core Xeon W3550 processor, and right now it's configured with an NVidia Quadro 4000 card. Am I being foolish when I think it would be better for me to purchase a GTX card (as an example, a GTX 560) in lieu of a workstation class card like the Quadro?

                      We are still very small, and this is our first game. Even years from now, I can't see the need for a workstation class graphics card. We won't be using Maya, rarely use 3ds Max, more frequently Blender, and UDK and Visual Studio for programming. I think it would be best to go with a high performance consumer card like the GTX so I can both create games and play test them on the same machine. I'm not concerned that it takes me an extra minute to render a character in a modeler program.

                      Can anyone add their opinion to this?


                        Yes, get a GeForce card--the Quadro 4,000 is like $2,000 yet the GTX 580 with 3GB of memory is actually faster and only around $600. The performance advantages for Quadro cards would be lost on UDK


                          Originally posted by darthviper107 View Post
                          Yes, get a GeForce card--the Quadro 4,000 is like $2,000 yet the GTX 580 with 3GB of memory is actually faster and only around $600. The performance advantages for Quadro cards would be lost on UDK
                          Thanks Sir!


                            I was off on the price of the quadro--like $800 not $2,000

                            Still, the GTX 580 has more memory and is faster and still cheaper


                              WOWWW @ pc`s here well i have Intel core 2 quad clocked on 3GHz, 4 gb of ddr 2, some Nvidia graphic card from time of Tutankhamon (no DX11 for me) and same kind of motherboard, well maybe is motherboard a little bit older than GPU , mouse dont work (probably to many enemies in past) so i use tablet. All in one, everything (3DMax,UDK,Moodbox,Photoshop,Premiere) works somehow just dont ask how hahahahah. Cheers everyone!