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Bugged Archtype updates/save logic.

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    Bugged Archtype updates/save logic.


    im using version 7546 and noticed some bugged behavior while updating archtypes.

    Create a archtype and place a instance inside your level, now change a value inside this placed archtype instance and rightclick "Update AT from this instance".

    Now temporarily the AT inside the content browser will reflect this change, but if u save and reload the map this update is gone and whats even more strange, the placed instance did move to a new location inside the level?

    At least only the instance that was used via right click moves around and not all the other instances of the same AT.

    bye Andy

    UPDATE: This also happens in the new 02/2011 - 7876 version.

    After some testing, a working fix to both problems is to manually "save" the archtype via the content browser after the "Update AT from Instance" operation, even if the AT is not flagged as changed.

    Seems the change simply gets ignored and is not saved correctly, still what causes the location change is a "mystery" to me.

    It also seems that those missing saves also result in other bug's like described here

    In this case adding a new ActorComponent results in bugged AT behavior, if u also don't manually save all related AT after each change, while "Update AT from Instance" will further corrupt your AT if its not saved manually beforehand.