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SequenceEvent.CheckActivate() and the "final" flag?

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    SequenceEvent.CheckActivate() and the "final" flag?


    why is the SequenceEvent.CheckActivate() function final? Since this prevents the ability to implement events that don't simply trigger by "EventClassName".

    There are several examples on existing events where this is needed, but since CheckActivate() is final we cant implement our own event checks.

    Maybe this can be changed in upcoming versions?

    Thx Andy

    PS: Atm i'm "simulating" this by overriding "TriggerEventClass", filter out my own events and call a "MySequenceEvent.CanActivate()" and than build a custom list for it for "ActivateEventClass()".

    It also doesn't seem to be clear exactly what CheckActivate() does ..


      I was under the impression that CheckActivate() will check if a event can be activated and will do so if all conditions are meet.
      So for AISeeEnemy, Touch, Used they will check the internal events parameters, filters and activate accordingly.

      In my case i needed a "StateChanged" event with a beginstate/endstate connection so i can trigger state related logic inside kismet. While i got this working, overriding a default "CanActivate()" or "CheckActivate()" inside the event would have been easier.