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Problem with my custom Pawn

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  • Problem with my custom Pawn

    Hello, everyone

    I'm new to UDK, and unfortunately I've faced a problem I failed to solve myself I have implemented a custom Pawn, PlayerController, with the default state and physics set to PlayerFlying and PHYS_Flying respectively. This is done in EnterStartState() and BeginState().

    I've successfully overridden the Controller's PlayerMove() and UpdateRotation() functions to get the desired flying behaviour with my Jet-like pawn.

    However, I'm stuck at implementing the collision processing code. I need to make the game react when the pawn collides with world geometry (to bounce it). Implementing HitWall(), Bump(), Touch() had no effect - the engine just doesn't call any of these when my pawn hits any level geometry. CollideActors and CollideWorld is set to true. I'm starting to think that it could be impossible to get any of the world collision callbacks called while the pawn's physics is set to PHYS_Flying, however that looks unlikely on the other hand, because I seriously doubt that I'm the only one who needs to process collisions of a flying actor.

    Please advise! If something isn't clear from the above descripton I can post the source code! Thank you.