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Strange Artifacts following Player

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    Strange Artifacts following Player

    Hi everybody,

    I have setup a custom Gameinfo and pawn in a brand new UDK map.
    I have made noc hanges to either pawn nor gameinfo except that I
    override the CalcCamera function to have a third-person view.

    Now when I start the level with default inventory everything is fine,
    however If I set the World to start without default inventory (e.g. no weapons)
    I get two black camera-like thingys following my player. And Idea what that could be and how I can remove them?



    any ideas?


      I think there his hands lol, another good humerous post though :P Can we see your code ? strange problem like dont think ive had this one


        thanks for your reply

        Sure I can show my code, but there is really nothing special in it.

        I do not have the map file handy right now, but here is what I did:

        Created a new Map in the Editor, added a pane to walk on, a spawn point and a directional light, and then set the world properties to use myGameInfo and Unchecked Start with default inventory. that´s it...

        Thanks for looking!



          I has this too when i was in first person view (try in first person and look down at feet and u see it following you), however i was testing a weapon id made, but it didnt show in game so maybe its a default model or something if theres an error loading a view model?


            My team just found these artifacts today, havent yet figured out how to hide them. They only show up when I dont create a default inventory.


              Thanks for chiming in guys!

              Iam rather unexperienced with the weapon API as of now, but might it be possible to have a "fake weapon" that is invisible? So the engine thinks the user carries a weapon, it´s just not visible. It´s easy to hide the HUD (crossbar, ammo counter etc.) and I can happily show how if someone has any ideas on how to hide the actual weapon

              Or is there any more appropiate place to report a bug?


                We thought about creating an invisible weapon, but decided we could live with it.

                We use kismet to remove the inventory, it generates an onscreen warning, but we dont get the artifacts.


                  would you mind sharing which kismet node you used?
                  We could easily get around the onscreen warning by hiding the log output and re-enabling it afterwards. I should get to that at the weekend, once it works I´ll happily share the code


                    New Event -> Player -> Player spawned
                    New Action -> Pawn -> Give Inventory
                    Check Clear Existing for the action

                    new Variable -> Object -> Object

                    Link Instigator to object
                    Link target to object
                    Link out to in

                    I have gotten around the onscreen warning by making my own HUD class that overrides DrawGameHud().