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    SpeedTree question

    Hi there, seems like im one of a few who actually have SpeedTree working on my machine, though i have been wondering, SpeedTree outputs 1 tree per file, is it not possible to make one speedtree file, but when in UDK, have random generations from that trees template file, meaning essentially you dont have to create/import 1000 trees for a forest.. I know thats something SpeedTree is known for, but i havn't heard or seen anything about that in UDK.

    What i'd really like to be able to do is make 4-5 tree types (Oak, Beach, Willow, and so on). Then i go into UDK with the tree types, and as i place each one they are each different from the last in slight ways. Essentially forming a unique forest environment.

    Is this currently possible, or do i have to create each tree, import it, and maybe place it a few times in the same forest, and then make another tree, and so on?



    I don't have an answer. I'm chiming in because I am facing the same problem. I have managed to get speed tree to export forest data from its world building section into a .swa file. Then using the maya script that comes with speedtree, I have been able to import that forest data into maya. Since you can export a landscape out of UDK as an obj file, I can then bring that into the same maya scene, allowing me to re-scale the speedtree imported forest to match the scale and position of the udk scene. I have another script from creative crash that exports instanced objects as a .t3d file, which can then be imported to UDK using an archetype (so that the locations/orientations of the objects in the .t3d file will come in as instances of one fbx tree/bush/grass/rock file that you designate in the UDK content browser. The problem I am having is the speedtree maya script brings the forest in as one object in the outliner (it is like an instance group, but I have no idea how to break it down). I need to break it down so it is a huge list of instanced polygonal objects, which is how the t3d script needs to have it selected to properly export it out for udk. I am not a programmer and have a very minimal knowledge of scripting, so I am at a standstill. So yes someone please help. But to get you up to where i'm at, here are a few links:

    Hope that gives you SOME progress toward your goals