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Swarm Agent - No Disk

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  • Swarm Agent - No Disk

    After installing the SDK and trying to compile my lightmass, I have noticed that I am unable to.

    When I begin the process I just get a message saying 'No Disk' after this it will crash and then the whole editor will crash.

    The only thing I can think of that might create this problem is my hard drive is labelled D not C, Anyone got any advice on this? (I can't put it on the C drive since that broke awhile ago)

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    If your C drive broke, your windows wouldn't work.
    But anyway, mine's on E and it works fine


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      My windows is installed on my D Drive after my C drive gave in.

      I have been able to fix the no disk error, however now it will just crash instantly.

      My current OS is windows 7 64bit