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UDK/UT3 Video Tutorials List and Support Thread

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    Originally posted by Moonsense View Post
    Hey geodav,

    I've been trying to watch your tracked/tank setup videos here:
    Video1 works, but the rest of those series are not working. They relink me to

    Is there another host where I can download them from?
    13 days passed, bumping!


      I'm just now starting to learn how to use UDK.
      These videos help soo much.

      Keep up the great work and thanks for all the info.

      Two Question I have so far are:

      What software do I need for all of this? I have UDK.
      When creating a map, how do you move/rotate something that is has already been made.
      I can move/rotate when using the Build Brush, but once I add a material, how can I move it?


        ok i think you mean pan or rotate the material once its applied to the bsp mesh, once you've applied the material you can double click on the mesh face then appears the editor where you can pan/rotate/scale the material on the face


          Ok, thanks, I'll try that.
          Will AutoCAD work for editing weapons, or should I try 3ds Max?


            I'd be flabbergasted if you could get AutoCAD to work for editing models intended for UDK. 3ds Max, on the other hand, includes various plugins (ActorX, for one) designed to make importing and editing models much easier.

            Others have had luck with Blender, if you're looking for a free alternative.


              Ya, my roommate recommended blender. My other friend said I could probably use Inventor.

              I'm not ready yet to put money down on anything, so I'll do some research.

              If anyone knows if Inventor works, let me know. I got it as part of an engineering bundle at school.



                i doubt that autocad or inventor will be good for game work, butblender is good as a free option, some schools/uni's can get you the students version of max but thats only for non-commersial work


                  The problem with AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks and the like is that these programs are geared towards architectural or mechanical designs, not interactive media or graphic designs. This means you wont have much control over the polygons of your model, you can't rig them for animation, and you generally can't assign UV coordinates to them, either. If these are the packages you're most familiar with, you'll have find a way to export the model to a format that something like Blender, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, or Lightwave can read. Only then will you be able to skin and rig it for animation, UV map it for texturing, and export it to the UDK.

                  Blender is a very powerful, free tool and there are a lot of tutorials out there willing to teach you how to use it. Unfortunately, I can't get passed the interface. It was just too foreign.

                  That said, I felt the same way when I first opened 3ds Max. After taking a few courses on 3d Studio Max (oldschool 3ds Max), I became much more comfortable with it and have been able to keep up with most of the changes since then.

                  If your roommate knows Blender, I'd say go with that. It really helps to have someone to talk to when learning these applications.


                    OK, thanks. I think I'll try Inventor/SolidWorks and Blender combo
                    (at least until I see what I can do about Max)
                    Thanks again


                      Geodav, I've just watched your 3DSmax tutorial for bones and animations but I have a question. Looking at the tutorial on UDK Central I need to setup sockets. Do I need more bones than what you created in your video? or does it not matter?


                        what for !!! weapon/vehicle use as many bones as you need but don't go overboard.

                        for characters i use the UT3 rig

                        you need to add the sockets so that you can place the effects via code


                          It's for a weapon.

                          And do I just use the pyramids for the sockets too? and attach them from UDK?

                          Also, I have a problem exporting. I get an error about skin triangles and no valid linkups and when I put the file into UDK it only finds the Base bone.

                          This is the exact error.
                          No valid skin triangles digested(mesh may lack proper mapping or valid linkups)

                          I have a UV map for the model and it has a default max texture on it.

                          It seems to work now. I export with the gun itself selected and it doesn't give me any errors.


                            well done, don't forget to apply a bitmap texture to your weapon before exporting to avoid other problems later


                              I will when I get back to school on Monday (:
                              Thanks very much for the help (:


                                Sorry to bother you again, but I've encountered another problem.
                                Some of my animations do not work. The idle one loops fine, and the Equip and PutDown ones also work. My fire and alt fire animations however (both 11 frames long using the same set of frames) do not. When the mouse is clicked slowly the idle animation jerks back to the start but no fire animation plays.

                                I gave my friend the same names for his anims on the September build and his works fine. However I'm on the December build, do I need to change some names of animations for them to work?