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UDK/UT3 Video Tutorials List and Support Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    Thanks! Applying the non-driving physical material to the physics asset stopped the jittering. I decided to go ahead and reskin the model so it's all on one texture. I have it working with the proper textures now but my workaround doesn't have working brake lights.

    Now I want the vehicle to not be hovering 4 inches above the ground all the time. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm using Scorpion wheels and I need to use new ones with a custom radius.

    Any idea in what could be causing the back wheels to be so close to the body? The whole thing is tilted up.


      adjust you wheel radius size to get it down on the ground, the tilt could be your CenterOfMass (COM) eg where your base bone is, you can adjust this in the vehicle code default properties eg
      just change the values to suit


        When i place the tank vehicle in the udk editor, then when i start my level there is no tank.
        Like it is invisible.

        Please help!


          re-build the map and save before playing, make sure you place the vehiclefactory class and not the mesh


            Sorry but it still doesn't work. I have rebuilded the map and saved and placed the vehicle factory from the actors. Is there something i have missed in your tutorial about making it visible example in the properties.


              1st are you using my landtank content, if yes then you may have to re-compile the code and fix the folder set. check the launch.log for errors/warnings
              2nd if you using your own tank, save the map and then play it via a normal game, then check the launch.log for errors/warnings

              you can find the launch.log in the UDK\UDK-2010-12\UDKGame\Logs folder


                i saw this line in the log.
                [0071.13] Warning: Failed to load 'Class DavCorp.UTVehicle_LandTank_Content': Failed to find object 'Class DavCorp.UTVehicle_LandTank_Content'


                  where should i place these 4(i think) scripts.


                    ok your using my content so the files should go into the folder

                    you also need to and the line

                    to your UDKEngine.ini at the bottom of the [UnrealEd.EditorEngine] after the line EditPackages=UTGameContent

                    save the ini file then re-compile after that you should be able to play the tank


                      geodav , please Uplod this files at the other site....


                      The links dosent work in iran!


                        sorry amir but i would expect most hosts are not avalable in Iran, i doubt youtube would help either.

                        you could try my old host but that only hold my UT3 videos


                          Hey geodav,

                          I've been trying to watch your tracked/tank setup videos here:
                          Video1 works, but the rest of those series are not working. They relink me to

                          Is there another host where I can download them from?


                            Thanks for your reply, hopefully passed that point now. Will let you know as i go.

                            Different question, hopefully you can help. I want to create tunnels through the terrain, but everytime i do it i come across the same problem. I can walk through my tunnel but i cannot drive through it, its as though the terrain that was removed is still blocking vehicles.

                            Any ideas ?


                              have seen that mentioned somewhere

                              found it i think


                                Many thanks for that Geodav.

                                Excellent advice as usual.