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    i deleted UDKEngine.ini and restarted but no compile.
    i mean even if i did the weapon scripts wrong i should have got the compiles casue i modified DefaultEngine.ini as suggested.i still get nothing though.

    please help me.

    btw , anyone kind enough to download the UDK weapons video tutorial from and upload it elsewhere?


      please show your DefaultEngine.ini file and your folder set-up, to me it sounds like something isn't set right




        ; todo: Switch the following after UDK Scaleform front end is completed




        GameViewportClientClassName=UTGame.UTGameViewportC lient
        DefaultPostProcessName=FX_HitEffects.UTPostProcess _Console


        ; todo: Remove the following after UDK Scaleform front end is completed


        ; todo: Remove the following after UDK Scaleform front end is completed
        ; -----
        ; -----

        +GlobalDataStoreClasses=UTGame.UTUIDataStore_Strin gAliasMap
        +PlayerDataStoreClassNames=UTGame.UTUIDataStore_St ringAliasBindingsMap
        +GlobalDataStoreClasses=UTGame.UTUIDataStore_Strin gList
        +GlobalDataStoreClasses=UTGame.UTUIDataStore_Optio ns
        +GlobalDataStoreClasses=UTGame.UTUIDataStore_MenuI tems
        +GlobalDataStoreClasses=UTGame.UTDataStore_GameSet tingsDM
        +GlobalDataStoreClasses=UTGame.UTDataStore_GameSea rchDM


        MyDocumentsSubDirName=Unreal Tournament 3




        this is the contents of my defaultengine.ini


          first when posting stuff like that go into advance mode and use the code tags (# button)

          secound in my post number 42 i wrote this
          5. you need to edit the DefaultEngine.ini and add you package name eg:-

          notice the line in blue, you need to add a line +EditPackages=yourgamename
          where yourgamename is the name of your code package i use UT40k as thats the name of my game.

          you need to add the line "in" the [UnrealEd.EditorEngine] section and not paste it in at the bottom of the file


            i will try it out.


              i did and i had a check assets notification on UDK startup ,but no know if i could access the UDK weapons tutorial trhis would have been so easy.please send it to me by email or some other sort of communication.



                the video tutorial for all this will help out.


                  as mentioned i'm not willing to host my video's at various hosts just so a few people can access them.

                  if you follow what i wrote in my posts you wouldn't have these problems.
                  make sure your weapon package (upk) is in the correct folder set
                  make sure you code files are in the correct folder set
                  make sure you have edited the DefaultEngine.ini file correctly

                  as you last resort start the UnrealFrontend.exe and do a full re compile

                  I'm sorry that your place blocks FilePlanet but i can't help that


                    well everything is as you said at the tutorial (no offense , but it wasn't very clear) at i still get no compile and i have every thing set up.i am just disappointed that i cant have the the video tutorials.i cant understand your problem with file sharers but hey its not any of my business.And also let me notify you that the only tutorial for custom weapons IS IN FACT GEODAV'S AWESOME TUTORIALS ! frankly i didn't see anything awesome unless there is proper support.
                    thanks for the info.
                    but another question : how can i build my own AI for bots?


                      no idea as i've never touched them


                        ok i partially solved my weapon problem.UDK now recognizes the weapon .the problem was that i was adding the scripts in for UDK 06 release but i was runnig the 04 version so i didnt get any changes lol.
                        but now at the compile i get these warnings:

                        C:\UDK\UDK-2010-6\developement\src\test\classe\UTAttachment_SAW.uc<119> : Warning, ObjectProperty Engine.SkeletalMeshComponent:SkeletalMesh: uresolved preferance to 'SkeletalMesh' WP_SAW.Mesh.SK_WP_SAW_3p''
                        C:\UDK\UDK-2010-6\developement\src\test\classe\UTAttachment_SAW.uc<119> : Warning, invalid property value in defaults:                 SkeletalMesh=SkeletalMesh;WP_SAW.Mesh.SK_WP_SAW_3P'
                        C:\UDK\UDK-2010-6\developement\src\test\classe\UTWeap_SAW.uc<316> : Warning, ObjectProperty Engine.SkeletalMeshcomponent :SkeletalMesh: unresolved reference to 'SkeletalMesh'WP_SAW.Mesh.SK_SAW_1P''
                        C:\UDK\UDK-2010-6\developement\src\test\classe\UTWeap_SAW.uc<316> : Warning, invalid property value in defaults:                 SkeletalMesh=SkeletalMesh;WP_SAW.Mesh.SK_WP_SAW_1P'
                        C:\UDK\UDK-2010-6\developement\src\test\classe\UTWeap_SAW.uc<317> : Warning, ObjectProperty Engine.SkeletalMeshComponent:AnimSets.AnimSets: unresolved reference to 'AnimSet'IdleState''
                        C:\UDK\UDK-2010-6\developement\src\test\classe\UTWeap_SAW.uc<317> : Warning, invalid property value in defaults:         AnimSets<0>=AnimSet'IdleState'
                        man its over.hope MSdos had copy paste !


                          ok again that looks like a folder problem, make sure your content folder setup is correct, those errors mean it can't find your content packages

                          here's an example
                          [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

                          this is for the enviroments folder but your weapon folder should look simular


                            My scripts are in folder : ...\development\src\test\
                            where should my weapon package be?it is currently in the weapons folder in UDKgame content with all the other weapons.


                              i advise making a new folder set for your content, in your case
                              and then place your package in the new weapons folder


                                i moved my scripts and content there but no luck.