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    hi all friends,
    I was searching about Godav's tank, I found one thing
    all of the wheels have same "maximum wheel displacement" and and "wheel radius".
    but the wheel "Tank_LWheel_02" has less " wheel displacement" while the wheel goes over a pointing shape.
    I want to know the reason. does anyone have any idea?
    I ask this,cause my vehicle wheels do not displace at all


      ok watch this video

      at ca 7.30 i start on perpolycollisions for the mesh bones, afaik this tell the engine to use perpoly also make sure the in your wheel code you have the radius correct and the suspension travel eg

      Begin Object Class=UDKVehicleWheel Name=RMWheel
      	End Object


        Thanks 1 billion
        I'm gonna watch it


          Hi there man, I've watched your tutorials for Blender and they helped a lot, but I have this thing in my mind about the Vertex Groups, I'm somewhat new to that aspect of Blender, and well, could you explain a bit how to correctly create them for a Wheeled Vehicle. I already have the Armature and everything. Sorry for the dumb question, haha.


            Hi Rhino, when you parent the the mesh to the armature it will ask you if you want to create vertex groups click on yes for the empty vertex groups, this creates a group name for each bone in your armature this is require for in game usage, once they are created you can set the vertex weights for each group, remember the groups don't need to have vertices assigned to them


              Thanks. But I have this thing now, when I hit export to psk/psa and I select where I want it to export the car Blender just freezes, It just stays there... nothing happens.
              What am I doing from? Do I have to do somesort of animation or is it that the exporter takes insanely long times to export the model?


                no blender can take a long time to export via the psk/psa so give it a while, if you have a large mesh eg 20k+ triangles it can take up to 20 mins depending on your system.

                as much i hate to say this but the fbx export is a lot faster once you change the exporter script to remove the extra bone it adds.
                but fbx is the way forward


                  Thanks for sharing, I'm taking a look at your tank code now. As is will it support the AI to driver the tank?


                    yep as its all utgame code based, the same as all the ut_Vehicles


                      can anyone explain why I am unable to drag and drop .fbx static meshes into my scene...???


                        ok try this
                        import the fbx mesh into udk
                        apply materials
                        create the collision mesh
                        now save the package

                        then try drag and drop, or select the mesh in the content browser and right click in the map choose place actor (static mesh) here



                          You tell me on youtube to post here for maybe some help from yourself (vinss3773 on youtube).

                          So let me explain my problem :

                          Here is what happen when I compil :
                          (step 1)

                          (step 2 after answering ok to the alert message)

                          My script :

                          How I organise folder of my game : (A:/ harddrive isn't where my operation systeme #windows 7 64 bits# is installed, it is on C:/ SSD)


                          (content /the psk file is my skeletal mesh)


                          How his my package in UDK editor's content browser :

                          Only thin I change since I install udk in config files :

                          As you see it seems that I can't include package element in my script.

                          Don't know why compilation fail since I take link of packages's elements with copy link in UDK editor.

                          Have you any idea from where probelm comes ?


                            ok it looks like you have saved something into a map package which is a no no, which could be the fact you have save the asset in a map and not used an actor factory to spawn the vehicle


                              Ok, doesn't know that vehicle factory was needed I will rework my script and if I meet a problem will try to search better than this time.
                              Thx for the fast answer.

                              (for people who want exemple of flying vehicule script go here : )


                                Great stuff.. Thanks Alot