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UDK/UT3 Video Tutorials List and Support Thread

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    @hwoarang the landbuggy code+content works fine in the October release, i haven't had time to check in the November release but should work fine !!!, don't forget you must compile the code before it will work.

    @Shinamori do you mean anims for a vehicle, if yes then soon-ish but may take a week or so

    @Corn_Hulio this weapon video goes through the whole thing just adapt it to your vehicle, in the end vehicles/weapons/characters are skelatalmeshes

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    Moving on from talking

    Thanks for the previous help.

    New help required.

    I am using 3DS Max 8 and still getting used to it. I have imported the mesh and rebuilt the wheels. i have separated the naming of the mesh to train_body, train_bogey1, train_bogey2 and train_wheel.

    Now i am not interested in skinning the vehicle, i just want to get it into the ued and let it skin it with the default. I am more interested with getting it on the tracks to see if it will a, move. b, stay on the rails. c, stay on the rails negotiating bends.

    I believe i need to bone the vehicle. I`ve looked at most of the tutorials but they all start with the vehicle boned. Can you point me to any tutorials that involve boning a mesh, any pivoting that may be required and how to setup the hierarchy.

    One final thing, how do you re-orient the mesh for UT3 ? this last week my head has been stuck up my ar*e and i just cannot seem to be able to find this stupid info.

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    Hi, would you mind doing one for import animation (PSA) and loading it on to a mesh. I tired it and it doesn't seem to work at all.

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    can landbuggy works in udk august version and the 11th version?

    can landbuggy works in udk august version and the 11th version?

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    lol good stuff,

    I think that has fixed it, Seems to be right now. Thanks for your help, always good to know there's someone out there to help.

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    i haven't really touch the LandBuggy for a while see-ing as it's on my other computor but you can try changing the "COMOffset=(x=-40.0,y=0.0,z=-36.0)" which is the CenterOfMass

    you can also play about with the Suspension values, when you think about it vehicles have different values any way. I learned that nearly 30 years ago as an apprentice

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    Hey Geodav,

    First thank you so much for your tutorials, work great! really do. Just a quick question, at the end of your land buggy tutorial you mention the buggy's rear sits lower for some reason, did you end up solving this?

    Sorry if you have and I had missed it in these threads.

    Its seems fine in the editor, SK mesh and PA meshes etc, but in playing the level the rear sits down.

    I cant find any issues with bone offsets that i can see, so maybe a Physics Asset issues?

    Just seeing if you know already

    Thanks again mate, love your work

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    just checked the links they seem fine, Fileplanet do a lot of maintance on their servers so if you can't get a link then give it an hour or so and try again

    ps a train in heatray i must be blind or i get fragged to much

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    Tutorial List

    Thanks for the previous info.

    I have decided to try using the ingame train in heatray. I exported using 3DRipper if people are interested.

    I am going to rebuild the wheels in 3DSMax8 and bone it with rotatable bogeys (wont bother adding materials, just get it in).

    I was going through your wheeled tutorials and cannot get " Exporting the Morph targets for a wheeled Vehicle from 3ds max - 02", nor can i get "Painting a Damage-Mask for the LandBuggy in Blacksmith3d - 03" - files not found. Currently looking elsewhere but am not hopeful

    In the meantime will look at other tutorials to see how to get the Train imported as a vehicle using hellbender script with the left right turn disabled.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    it works!

    I reinstalled UDK, and went through the steps from the beginning again.

    Thank U for Ur help mate, nice one.

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    First remove all the old vehicle code from the UTGame/UTGamContent folders

    ok the code goes into the

    UDK\UDK-2010-10\Development\Src\DavCorp\Classes folder

    the content into

    UDK\UDK-2010-10\UDKGame\Content\DavCorp\Content\Vehicles folder

    don't forget to add +EditPackages=DavCorp to your DefaultEngine.ini file eg
    when you do this re-compile your scripts then go into the editor load your map, delete the vehicle factory, re-build map, save map, exit the editor.
    re-start the editor, open map, add the new vehiclefactory, re-build map, play map.

    it might be a case that the map was looking for a factory thats not really there anymore which is why i advise the above workflow

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    Thank U!

    Ok, deleted the bLightArmor warning and did a front-end recompile. Now no warnings or errors. As usual, the vehicle factory shows perfectly in the editor but again, as usual, nothing appears in-game at all.

    Perhaps the trouble is the folders where I've put Ur scripts, and not changed the address in the scripts themselves. What folder structure did U use?

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    ok just to make sure, if you have any errors these must be fixed before even if they are not related, trust me i've found other errors/warnings after clearing the first problems.

    next i don't really advise placing any code files into the UTGame or UTGameContent classes folder untill your sure of what your doing but lets go with the flow ftm

    goto the UTVehicle_LandBuggy.uc file and delete the line "bLightArmor=true" this property has been removed from the UTVehicle code set. save the file and do a re-compile.

    if you still have problems then you'll have to wait till tomorrow once i check every thing on my other computer which i don't have atm

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  • replied
    My initial question: hi all, I know this seems basic, but I've been struggling to get GeoDav's LandBuggy working. I'm using the latest October UDK (2010-10). Everything seems ready to go (incl Animtree and Animset) and the vehicle factory appears perfectly in-game. However, when I start it up, the LandBuggy doesn't appear. It seems to be a class problem, I'm getting the following script warnings in the log:

    [0032.64] ScriptWarning: Accessed null class context 'VehicleClass'
    UTVehicleFactory_LandBuggy UEDPIETestLevel.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.UTVehicle Factory_LandBuggy_0
    Function UTGame.UTVehicleFactory:Active.SpawnVehicle:007D
    [0032.70] ScriptWarning: Accessed None 'MapInfo'
    GFxMinimap Transient.GFxMinimapHud_0:GFxMinimap_0
    Function UTGame.GFxMinimap:Init:00F2
    [0032.70] ScriptWarning: Accessed None 'OnlineSub'
    UTPlayerController UEDPIETestLevel.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.UTPlayerC ontroller_0
    Function UTGame.UTPlayerController:ClientSetOnlineStatus:00 33

    I've tried modifying following code in the vehicle class path in UTVehicleFactory_LandBuggy.uc


    with a couple of options, like replacing DavCorp in 1. UTGameContent (like the Scorpion) and, 2. nothing
    but still get the same result. It is probably something simple, like I've put the files in the wrong places, but I have been at it for about 30 hours with no result. Can anyone please help out?

    Geodav says:
    ok with my content you really should be posting in my support thread (hint)
    any sorry i haven't tried the DavCorp code/content in the October build but lets see how i can help
    1. do you get any warnings or erros when you compile, if yes then they need to be fixed before you can play.
    2. the code is set to be in the DavCorp/classes folder, if it's not then you'll have to look through the code files and change what ever is nessesary, namely the factory class
    3. exit the editor, re-compile your code, try in-game, sometimes you get a better error log that way

    the second 2 "errors" are not to do with your vehicle but common problems with the current UDK build

    hi Geodav, thank U for Ur tutorials and help! Sorry, I should have posted to Ur support thread.

    To get back about Ur comments:

    1. this is ok, compiling well, one unrelated* error and no warnings
    2. mmm, this might be the problem, I'll have another look
    3. this is ok, done this and got a full log

    Also, just to confirm, here are the three folders where I put the scripts and the .upk

    Development\Src\UTGame\Classes\UTVehicleLandBuggyW heel

    Development\Src\UTGameContent\Classes\UTVehicle_La ndBuggy_Content
    Development\Src\UTGameContent\Classes\UTVehicleFac tory_LandBuggy


    *By the way, just in case, the error is :\UDK\UDK-2010-10\Development\Src\UTGame\Classes\UTVehicle_LandBu ggy.uc(585) : Warning, Unknown property in defaults: bLightArmor=true (looked in UTVehicle_LandBuggy)

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    the tutorials are basic as you can't cover every posibility that people can dream of, and there are many ways to skin a cat !!!

    not sure how i could help you on this one, maybe the hoverboard code could supply some tips, as you "connect" to another vehicle with it.
    on the blocking side maybe model the rails with a custom collision mesh

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